German Desk / Legal service for polish entities in Germany

The law firm offers legal support to clients from the German-speaking economic area. We represent the legal interests of our Polish clients in Germany in a similar way.

The advisory services provided by the Law Firm include in particular:

  • legal services in Poland for clients from the German-speaking economic area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein);
  • representation of clients before German courts;
  • establishment and reorganization of companies under German law;
  • preparing and reviewing contracts in German; support in debt recovery in Germany.

The experience of our lawyers includes in particular:

  • application of the interpretation of the application of a jurisdiction agreement in a dispute with a German bankruptcy trustee with the effect of dismissal of lawsuits in a Polish court (the value of the dispute is approx. 10 MPLN), legal advice to a client from the recycling industry in the scope of an ownership dispute in Germany;
  • representing a leading client on the cable processing market in the bankruptcy process in Germany;
  • representing a client from the area of ​​renewable energy sources in a dispute over payment for a defective delivery of a filter container;
  • conducting the process of establishing commercial companies in Germany; advice on the purchase of a residential tenement house in Germany.