Legislation advisory

The law firm offers consultancy in the field of constitutional and public law, as well as offers its advice to non-governmental organizations. In this regard, the Law Firm uses the extensive experience of prof. dr hab. Mariusz Jabłoński, a recognized representative of the doctrine of constitutional and administrative law.

The advisory services provided by the Law Firm include in particular:

  • preparation of draft legal acts and comprehensive legislative maps;
  • issuing opinions on draft legal acts at a given stage of the legislative path;
  • reviewing contracts and legal acts in terms of their compliance with constitutional and administrative law, EU law and international law;
  • consulting and creating structures and legal rules (internal acts, statutes, regulations) for the functioning of local governments and non-governmental organizations;
  • representation before public administration bodies, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, common courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Tribunal;
  • representing organizations with the status of social partners during the legislative process in the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

The experience of our lawyers includes in particular:

  • preparation of a comprehensive legislative map including statutory provisions, regulations and other acts not constituting sources of universally applicable law, at the request of an international trade organization, regarding changes in the law allowing for the dissemination of the use of antimicrobial elements in public places;
  • consultations and preparation of draft statutory provisions aimed at protecting an international carrier providing passenger transport against the risk of limiting operating activities, resulting from the proposed legal acts;
  • preparation of a legal opinion on the possibility of standing for and taking office by the Mayor of the City of Łódź;
  • preparation of an opinion at the request of the Business Center Club on the draft act amending the act on mortgage bonds and mortgage banks and some other acts;
  • preparation and submission, at the request of the commune, of an application to the Constitutional Tribunal to review the compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of the act nationalizing urban forests;
  • giving opinions on and representing the Business Center Club at the joint Senate meeting of the Budget and Public Finance Committee and the Legislative Committee on the proposed amendment to the Banking Law Act, which fulfills the obligation to adapt the legal system to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of March 15, 2011 (P 7/09).

Contact person: Remigiusz Stanek, [email protected]