Taxes proceedings

We specialize in conducting tax proceedings in particular in cases where the tax authorities question the VAT deduction.

Our advisory services include in particular:

  • risk analysis arising from the tax proceeding;
  • strategic advice on the tax situation of our Client;
  • discussions with tax authorities as well as maintaining contact with tax control authorities and tax appeal authority;
  • clients representation in tax proceedings including control proceedings;
  • procedural advisory in administrative proceeding (drawing up letters, motions, appeals and other remedies);
  • drawing up legal opinions in cooperation with representatives of the constitutional and administrative law science as regards the activities of the tax authorities (i.a. observation of the rule of law by the tax authorities during conducted proceeding);
  • clients representation before Provincial Administrative Courts, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

Our experience includes in particular:

  • strategic tax advisory for Customers from the recycling industry (3,5 MPLN, 50 MPLN, 120 MPLN) resulting in decision revoking (proceeding in the Tax Chamber);
  • conducting tax proceedings as regards questioned VAT deduction (transactions of significant value);
  • legal opinions on the decisions of tax authorities (observing the rule of law in the light of the EU law, the Constitution of the RP and the tax code);
  • legal opinions on the overpaid tax reimbursement in the light of the judgment of the Constitutional Court;
  • drawing up and submitting the complaints in cassation for the steel products distributors and for the companies from the recycling industry.

Contact person: Remigiusz Stanek, [email protected]