Profesor dr hab. Mariusz Jabłoński

Of Counsel | Professor

adwokat Mariusz Jabłoński


Profesor dr hab. Mariusz Jabłoński Of Counsel | Professor

Professor dr hab. Mariusz Jabłoński is the head of the Department of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Wrocław, academic lecturer in constitutional law, human rights law and a specialist in constitutional law, personal data protection, access to public information and procedures related to information protection. He is a valued representative of the young generation of constitutional and administrative law.

Professor Jabłoński conducts scientific activity in areas such as:

-information status of the unit in a modern democratic state, with particular emphasis on the right to access public information and personal data protection,

– information security procedures (secrets as well as internal anti-corruption procedures)

– constitutional legislation, with particular emphasis on the legislative proces and protection of constitutional freedoms and individual rights, also from the point of view of international standards of protection (the universal system and the Council of Europe system).

Moreover, Prof. Jabłoński is a member of the Experts Committee for the reform of the personal data protection law in the European Union, appointed by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.