STANEK Legal successfully represented the Client in the proceeding before the Administrative Court in Łódź. The Court stated that a notice regarding the suspension of the tax liability limitation period delivered directly to the taxpayer, excluding its attorney, is ineffective. In such a case the tax liability limitation period is regarded as still running and 


We had a pleasure to represent  the company in a case in which the Supreme Administrative Court stated that a taxpayer may be deprived of the deductibility of VAT only after a comprehensive evidence processing  and the legality examination of the decision of the tax authorities by the court. In the above mentioned case, the 

Nowy Dzień

March 26 Dr. Remigiusz Stanek, managing partner of STANEK Legal,  was a guest on a morning news program Nowy dzień z Polsat News. Dr . Stanek commented the financial security situation of deposits in SKOKs. Dr. Stanek pointed out the low financial and compliance culture of SKOKs in Poland, and on the other hand their